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The Case Studies
Case Study
The case studies provide a real world comparison of the patterns derived from the story.
The two case studies of Software Architecture represent two contrasting environments. One is a large corporate Information Technology department and the other a small team in a commercial software house. In both cases, a software architect was introduced with a similar mandate - to provide technical leadership, implement a methodology, establish standards and an architecture to a development team.
The following is an extract from a Performance Contract (between the author and an employer) which illustrates the role of Software Architecture in both case studies.

Objectives of Job (Software Architect)  
To provide technical leadership to the development team.  
To raise awareness and enthusiasm amongst the development teams around the importance and benefits of architecture, design patterns and software methodology and to establish a continual improvement mindset in this regard.  
To establish, document and maintain application frameworks for each strategic product area, onto which business functionality can be attached in a consistent sustainable manner maximising reuse and minimizing incremental development per function point.  
To participate within the scope, time, quality negotiation triangle with project management, the development team and the communication of architecture and software development practices to the client where required.  
Participate in scope, time, quality negotiation with the project management and act as the upper guardian of the quality relative to architecture principles, best practice design, implementation and testing standards.  
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