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The Case Studies: Case Study B - Small Commercial Team
Case Study B - Small Commercial Team
Environment: Financial Services Sector
Enterprise: Commercial Software
System: Practice Management System
Internal Roles: 5 under Operations Manager, 3 Developers
External Roles: Management, Marketing and Sales, Customers, Corporate Project Teams
Software Development Process
Methodologies: Extreme Programming (XP) with aspects of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Structured Software Development Methodology (SSDM)
Life Cycle: Iterative Process
Analysis and Design: Information Modeling (Business), Mind-Mapping, Story-Telling and the Unified Modeling Language
Software Architecture
Objective: To implement methodology for development team, provide technical leadership and mentoring and re-architect existing product
Period: 6 Months
Number of Project Iterations: 1
Involvement in Project: Assigned to single company project. Technical lead.
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