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The Patterns: Architect and Engineer. How architecture is aligned with engineering but distinct from it.
Architect and Engineer
Building Architecture
In Greek architecture, the architect was more of an artist influenced by the philosophical culture and academic institutions. Greek architects balanced community, religion and civic institutions. Roman architects were technicians and engineers trained in the military.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
The debate between software architecture and software engineering should be viewed against the background of Greek and Roman history. Both disciplines are relevant. Engineering seeks to abstract and attack complexity by breaking things down into its parts. It seeks precision in the detail. Architecture must balance all aspects and seek to find wholes.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
The methodology developed was based on two separate process models - the Software Architecture Process Model (SAPM) and the Software Engineering Process Model (SEPM) . This was specifically to acknowledge the difference and interdependency between software architecture and software engineering.

On the one hand, the role of the architect required more engineering orientated work in the sense that the development manager sought to establish the application architecture, tools and frameworks. On the other hand, the role required balancing the vision set by the group management team (standards and structure) with those of the business units and user community (function and aesthetics).  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
In a small development team sometimes the line between engineering and architecture is blurred. Much of the work involved software engineering rather than architecture. Particularly because Extreme Programming (XP) is centred on coding rather than a separate phase for designing. The lack of interface to customers also made the role more aligned to that of a technician.  
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