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The Patterns: Beliefs in Natural Architecture. Belief systems in natural architecture and their relevance to design.
Beliefs in Natural Architecture
Building Architecture
In natural architecture, beliefs such as those regarding life and death played a fundamental role in architecture.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
Designing and constructing are creative activities. As much as we engineer and automate the processes by which we create things, the human act of designing and constructing will always be driven by values - individual and collective (shared). These values are established from deeply ingrained beliefs on life and death - our religious or spiritual beliefs. An aspect of architecture involves the establishment of best practices. Practices are in turn established from principles which in turn are established from values. While organisations may feel they have the right to establish practices in the workplace, individual beliefs can enhance or undermine the practice. In software development, it is best to establish teams that have shared values and where respect for beliefs or an understanding thereof is fostered rather than seeking to impose practices which may cause underlying conflicts.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
In this case, teams are not always formed with people sharing common values and beliefs. There is often a requirement for strong leadership - one that can forge diverse compositions of people and focus them on a common vision in design and construction.  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
People who share a common set of values and beliefs are able to collaborate more effectively in design and construction.  
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