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The Patterns: Story Telling. Using metaphors to create mental models.
Story Telling
Building Architecture
The art of story telling as found in cultures pursuing natural architecture involved the goal of preserving a way of life and a method of using metaphors as teaching aids in conveying traditional values and lessons. The power behind stories is in their mental models derived from the way metaphors are conveyed and interpreted. A story is not explicit and can be used or adopted to fit the context of one generation after another.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
In Extreme Programming, story telling forms part of the planning game which helps to convey requirements, estimate work and negotiate deliverables. How the system or software must function can be described using other metaphors. Often metaphors are drawn from nature or things common to everyone in the team.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
Story telling was not used in the methodology applied. In hind sight, we could have also tried storyboards.  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
Story telling was an interesting and challenging approach. Some of the better designs came from it and it certainly can be applied effectively in small teams. The only reservation, as with Extreme Programming in general, is that there is no substitute for technical documentation - especially for commercial products. During the short period of 6 months, the company was "bought out" by a new management team and the whole technical team changed (twice).  
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