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The Patterns: Nature as Architecture. Nature as the perfect architecture.
Nature as Architecture
Building Architecture
Nature is the perfect architecture in that it provides an infinite source of how to balance structure, function and aesthetics.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
The ultimate aim of natural architecture is to draw on the infinite patterns of nature. For those pursuing an architecture intensive discipline and find themselves wanting in creative ideas or solutions, nature offers a host of inspiration for resolving many problems. Nature has an ability to resolve design problems on an ongoing basis. Even natural disasters are a pattern in that there comes a time to bring closure. Systems may need to be re-written, projects may need to be terminated, processes re-engineered and strategies need to be re-focused.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
Did not influence the architecture or methodology, nor was the pattern observed.  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
In the approach taken, this pattern was recognised. It was the ethos of the values and belief systems. It formed part of the architecture and methodology. We not only sought patterns in nature but applied a lot of principles in the human interactions and the relationships built in the team.  
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