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The Story: The Four Social Theories
The Four Social Theories
From the conceptual model of the "two converging worlds", this story of architecture continues through a "historical view of architecture". The main purpose of this historical view is two-fold. Firstly, it provides a brief account of where we are and how we got here. And secondly, it helps us to identify the four social cultural theories in architecture as related in this story, namely:
Natural Architecture
Classical Architecture
Modern Architecture
Postmodern Architecture
The above conceptual model attempts to provide a simplified account and high-level view of the history of architecture to this day. It is a summary of the research undertaken of a historical analysis of architecture and should be seen as one of many possible perspectives. References are provided in the more detailed accounts of this story. Much of the account focuses on Modernist Architecture and with specific emphasis on the Bauhaus Movement as a reference for architecture-intensive disciplines.
The cultural theories are relevant because of their impact on social thinking and changing values. These are references for architecture-intensive disciplines because they form part of the body of knowledge, which we must attempt to learn in order to understand the problems we are addressing today.
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