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The Story: Postmodern Architecture
Postmodern Architecture
Not everyone shared an enthusiasm for the new architecture of the “International Style”. While Gropius may have felt that the utopian ideals of modernist architecture were realised, there were many who disagreed.
"Computer science now commands the bulk of research funding at many of our respected design institutions. The exams are increasingly weighted towards technical matters in an effort to weed out the scores of graduates, more in the province of Structural Engineering. The result is that the artistically minded are discouraged from continuing their studies and the status quo is maintained. This author was shocked in retrospect (many years later as the brainwashing was so well managed) that the licensing exam had no measure for artistic or aesthetic sensibility. How completely different was the training of the graduate of the Beaux Arts in Paris who could expertly delineate the most beautiful expressions of the spirit manifest in all forms of glorious piles of stone, stucco, wood, and terra cotta! Our graduates can barely draw freehand; know little about art history, or the humanities in general. How Vitruvius would turn over in his grave if he knew how little the training of today's architect followed his strong recommendations in the times of the Caesars." [Henry, 2000]
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