The Concept
The theory behind Building Architecture as a Reference for Architecture Intensive Disciplines involves the following assumptions.
Architecture is not just about buildings but also about how we think
Theory, design and construction can be applied to many things other than buildings. The building was one of the early pre-occupations of man, of applying a theory to design and a design to construction. We can apply this same approach to the way we build software. Part of the software crisis is that we build software without applying any architectural thought. Architecture is an application of the mind, a way of thinking. Many software and application architects only go as far as best practices in the context of methodologies, a modeling language or technologies specific to a platform. There is a need for a theoretical foundation much like what is expected of building architects who study architectural graphics, history and theory.
Architecture intensive disciplines
While the research involves direct comparisons between building architecture and software architecture, the patterns drawn may also apply to other disciplines that involve architectural thinking. Such disciplines include data architects who design database structures and programs. Enterprise architects and systems architects whose purview of architecture go beyond software and include human activities, processes and infrastructure. It also includes designers of user interfaces. For this reason, the research uses the term "Architecture Intensive Disciplines" to include software architects and other architects in the information technology sector.