The Patterns: Rationalisation and Standardisation
Rationalisation and Standardisation
Building Architecture
Rationalisation and standardisation are considered the purifying agents against ornamentation.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
Standards and rational processes in software development are meant to ensure adherence to architectural integrity. It is one of the cornerstones of software quality. Compliance can be enforced autocratically or motivated through shared values. The latter is better in the longer term but may be difficult to apply in larger organisations.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
An integration domain was established between the development and production domains. To some the integration process was too cumbersome, but it acted as a filter and was effective in providing a Quality Assurance (QA) check point.  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
Applying standards were far less difficult in this small team. The standards were well supported by the team and there was very little if any conflict or problems.