The Patterns: Revival of Natural Architecture
Revival of Natural Architecture
Building Architecture
Some believe that there is a revival of natural architecture. In reality, natural architecture has not undergone any change or phases, it has been constant and alive in the cultures which sought to be in harmony with it. The belief that the biosphere and life on earth is one living organism, known as "gaia" can be seen in various belief systems. What is contributing to this greater awareness of natural architecture are issues such as globalisation, the environment and a search for peace.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
We can expect that the evolution of computing and software development methodologies will follow a natural and organic approach. Bio-informatics, the global internet community, mobile and wireless computing and remote collaboration will continue to shape the way we work. The advent of Extreme Programming, Software Patterns and Human Centered Design are trends towards natural architecture as a cultural theory.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
The trend towards a more natural architecture may or may not take place. The main driving force in any business is revenue and profitability. Unless, an approach can produce financial results, it probably won't apply. People as individuals will re-evaluate themselves and what they want to achieve. If they seek quality in their relationships, the pattern will hold.  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
From the beginning the goal was set before the team to strive towards a natural architecture and to build strong human relationships. It was motivated as the method by which we could achieve the business goals.