The Patterns: Shift in Thinking
Shift in Thinking
Building Architecture
The Italian Renaissance saw a shift in thinking from a 2 dimensional view of space to a 3 dimensional perspective. The "African Renaissance" is associated with the material and economic prosperity of the Italian Renaissance rather than the shift in thinking which brought it about.  
Architecture Intensive Disciplines
Black Economic Empowerment in Information Technology is seen primarily as ownership at the highest level. True empowerment however is a knowledge issue. A renaissance is defined as a period of enlightment, therefore a shift in thinking must first take place. Architecture intensive disciplines are key knowledge areas which should be the focus of empowerment. Architects facilitate building, construction and growth - the real key to sustained economic empowerment.  
Case Study A: Large Corporate IT
Quotas were being fulfilled as part of a performance criteria but there was a general acknowledgement and a visible awareness of the lack of key knowledge positions - architects, analysts and consultants.  
Case Study B: Small Commercial Team
The company was not addressing BEE.