Architecture Intensive Disciplines

Is architecture one discipline? We belief that architecture is about systems thinking and that much of what we have learnt over centuries of building architecture can be applied to new disciplines involving business and information systems. Vitruvius, the Roman-era author and whom many regard as the father of architecture, defined the 3 qualities of architecture as firmitas (it must have structure), utilitas (it must have a purpose), venustas (it must be beautiful). It is a time-less model for all architecture intensive disciplines in the knowledge economy.

According to the Penquin Dictionary, architecture can be defined as "a method or style of building." An architect can be defined as a person "who devises, plans and achieves a difficult objective." The term "architecture" and the role of "architect" can be used outside of building architecture. It is used extensively in information technology.

Architecture intensive disciplines in information technology include Software Architects, Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, IT Architects, Application Architects, Network Architects and System Architects. Architects can work with very tangible structures such as buildings or hardware infrastructure. Others work with organisational structures where people represent the building blocks or foundation. Architects can also work with abstract things such as ideas, information, data and software.