Postmodernism and Human-Centric Agility

We believe that we live in a postmodern era. In the past century, society was pre-occupied with balancing life between man and machine. Globalization and the environment is changing our social pre-occupation towards balancing life between humans and our planet. The rapid changes in technology and the global socio-economic environment is placing increase pressures on enterprises to be more agile. A modernist response is to be process centric and increase process automation. But the Agile Practice and movement is about people over process and recognizes the importance of human intelligence to "connect the dots".

Some believe that there is a revival of natural architecture. In reality, natural architecture has not undergone any change or phases, it has been constant and alive in the cultures which sought to be in harmony with it. The belief that the biosphere and life on earth is one living organism, known as "gaia" can be seen in various belief systems. What is contributing to this greater awareness of natural architecture are issues such as globalisation, the environment and a search for peace.

We can expect that the evolution of computing and software development methodologies will follow a natural and organic approach. Bio-informatics, the global internet community, mobile and wireless computing and remote collaboration will continue to shape the way we work. The advent of Extreme Programming, Software Patterns and Human Centered Design are trends towards natural architecture as a cultural theory.