Social Cultural Beliefs and Cafe Conversations

We believe in the concept of Cafe Conversations and the World Cafe as a means of facilitating dialogue between people and groups. The goal of finding one voice helps to build common ground where cultures and beliefs are respected and do not create obstacles for division. Social cultural belief systems can play a role in establishing a set of individual or shared aesthetic values. Some beliefs are based on the pursuit of natural patterns whereas others draw on man-made geometric shapes and forms. As we communicate and think across a diversity of cultures and beliefs, we may find that there are disparities in the way we draw mental models either as a individuals or as groups.

In designing systems, human to computer interfaces or prototyping bear in mind that "beauty" is not always defined by western perspectives, symmetry and geometric forms. Consider both geometric and natural forms especially when designing systems that have a multi-cultural or global context - the internet, extranets, multinational corporate intranets.

Gothic architecture was a transition point between a closed monastic religious order and the expansionism of a free and secular world. Architecture has found itself on many occasions balancing belief and reason. It has extended across debates on art and science, human machine interaction and our place in the natural world.

We can not simply architect on our own beliefs and perceptions of logical design. We should seek to understand the values of those who have a stake in the product of construction. In turn, we must also perceive when development and progress is hindered by entrenched beliefs and seek to find concensus.