Scaling Agile in the Enterprise with Scott Ambler
By Roderick Lim Banda

A good friend, Mike Swift from IBM asked me if I would be interested in Scott Ambler chatting to us at MWEB. We have been implementing agile practice using SCRUM at MWEB in the last year with very broad adoption and some significant success. We specifically were very keen to explore Scott's experience in scaling agile in the enterprise.

Scott is a very entertaining and powerful speaker. He is engaging, humorous and relates well with his audience. He certainly gained a lot of fans at MWEB who related to his blunt and frank approach. Between the laughter and hysterics, there were a lot of invaluable lessons.

I simply find it difficult to write and do justice to this experience so I video recorded it. It is almost 4 hours long and broken down into questions that Scott asked from the audience. If you want a copy, find me on LinkedIn or Facebook and request a copy.