Interaction Design with Jörn Messeter
By Roderick Lim Banda

Jörn Messeter gave a presentation at MWEB on Interactive Design. He was in Cape Town to spend some time at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) as part of a collaborative program with Malmö University in Sweden.

What is Interaction Design?

Jörn explained the scope of Interaction Design and provided some examples from its use innovation and product development such as devices like the iPod, User interfaces of computer software applications, Social networking tools like Facebook, interactive games like the Wii, industrial design and application and in research. Jörn shared a number of stories, experiences and examples of the application of interaction design.

Jörn's presentation covered the origin, history and evolving nature of interaction design. He demonstrated how we have gone from very specific computer user interface design to a wide range of interactive uses of technology. The tactile nature and use of technology devices is broadening the scope of interaction with technology to the extent that interaction design is broadening and is multi-disciplinary. CPUT's School of Informatics and Design which includes information systems and other design disciplines such as interior design, jewellery design, graphic design and surface design is a good example where interaction design facilitates this convergence.


Amongst the examples used by Jörn was the application of interaction design in re-designing process control systems at a waste management plant. A video recording illustrated an early phase of study into how devices can be used as mock ups or props for understanding how workers can use and benefit from devices such as hand held units, screens and local units from which information can be read while walking through the plant. Moving from the concept of a central control room, designers were looking into how mobility and technology can enable workers as they move around the plant.

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