What are the guiding questions for the conversations necessary to create a regenerative economy, a peaceful society and thriving ecosystems?
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What is quality and the basis for systems thinking? As an Enterprise Architect, I believe that we need to re-develop our models of systems thinking on natural and organic patterns.

In a postmodern world that is recognising the need to harmonize with our natural world and society, we need to re-think the basis on which we define quality and what is "good" - aesthetically, in terms of values, principles, practices, policy, procedure and standards. In the last century society was pre-occupied with balancing life between man and machine. As a result, we established the modernist view of systems thinking - the organizational and process architectures of the 20th century enterprise. This manufacturing centric and profit driven machinery helped to de-humanized the economic system.

If the failures in our economic and social systems are seen as systemic then we need to move away from the post industrial and modernist thinking of the last century. It is imperative that systems thinkers and those who architect the present and future business need to be aware of the natural and organic patterns that must become an intrinsic part of any postmodern enterprise. Systems thinkers need to re-develop with compassion, the present and future standards of quality so that we no longer base our goals solely on profit.