What is KASE?

KASE is an Evolving Resource for Systems Thinking.

Knowledge Architectured Systems Engineering (KASE) is a combination of 4 disciplines (Knowledge Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Software Architecture and Software Engineering). It is a play on the term Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) and CASE Tools. While CASE is an essential component in our approach, we do not herald it as a silver bullet. What we do believe and promote through KASE is that Software Systems are human designs which require people as architects and engineers. Software design is based on human abstractions and aesthetics. Knowledge is the key element in any software or systems related endeavour. It does not guarantee success but its absence guarantees failure.

Many enterprises today need to be designed and built according to sound architectural practices in order to withstand external and internal change. With the information revolution our society is mass producing information and creating an insatiable culture of consumption similar to the mass production of commodities in the industrial revolution. It is essential to distinquish knowledge and understanding from this mass production of data and information.

Natural and Organic Patterns

KASE was founded by Roderick Lim Banda to explore a number of synergies between systems thinking in traditional building architecture and information systems. It has evolved to considering natural and organic patterns in nature as a reference for systems thinking and as a more holistic approach to architecture-intensive disciplines.

Roderick Lim Banda - Founding Partner

Roderick has extensive experience in enterprise architecture, information systems, IT management, software architecture and software engineering. He also has a graphic arts background and has researched modern movements in arts and building architecture. Roderick lectures and consults in business and IT alignment, enterprise architecture, knowledge management, strategic alignment and strategy mapping, business process modeling, software development methodologies, project management, e-business, internet technologies and service orientated architecture. Roderick has also designed and developed software intensive systems for enterprises in the media, health care, energy, financial services, government, education, retail and other sectors.

He has both conceptual, business and technical experience with visual modeling, object-orientated methodologies, computer-aided software engineering, enterprise systems and repositories, metadata management, client server, service orientated architecture, internet technologies, portals, web based application development, social and enterprise systems, system and application integration, messaging and communications, business systems, enterprise resource planning, management information systems, complex hybrid technology environments, service management and infrastructure management.

A Network of Co-operating Professionals and Companies

Over the years, Roderick has built KASE into a network of co-operating professionals and academics specializing in enterprise, business and software architecture and engineering who are able to undertake projects successfully.