Knowledge Architecture & Enterprise Architecture

Become a learning organisation and empower knowledge sharing communities through a Knowledge Architecture based on the ASHEN model (Artefacts, Skills, Heuristics, Experience and Natural Talent). Become more responsive to external and internal changes by building an Enterprise Architecture. EA is traditionally based on the Zachman Framework and the evolving body of knowledge of EA. The enterprise is evolving with the internet and web based technologies.

Software Architecture & Software Engineering

Design and implement robust systems, methodologies, teams integration, standards and processes using Software Architecture blueprints based on the Unified Modeling Language, Architectural Patterns, Abstraction and Design. Automate and speed up systems development in small or large teams with Software Engineering best practices based on Service Orientated Architecture, Object Orientated Methods, Relational Database Management Systems, Repositories and CASE Tools.

Skills Development & Mentorship

Development Through active involvement, workshops, use of templates and libraries - we help individuals gain skills. We don't believe that holding back on skills transferral achieves much. We also believe that no course is a substitute for practical involvement and mentorship.

Agile Practice & Team Building

Agile practice is human centric and values based. Team building requires technical leadership. It means being part of the team and earning each others respect. No authority bestowed on an individual replaces the value of genuine respect. Team building is not just about creating a winning force but one with enduring relationships.

Organizational Development & Role Building

It is a part of any individual development to experience the challenges of different functional roles. Defining roles is not only important for teams but also for individuals. Roles must balance the desire for challenges and a sense of confidence.

Program Portfolio & Project Office

Project Management and your Software Development Methodology (SDM) must be aligned to avoid project failures.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is critical to success. The customer must be part of team and must be the focus on which delivery and service is driven.

Business Consultancy

Provide a pro-active service. Ongoing analysis and design across all abstraction layers.

Software Development Management

Rapid Modular Development. Building blocks for rapid construction.

Systems Integration

Establishing an Integration Competency Centre, not just quality assurance. Architects and Engineers responsible for the integrity of the architecture.

Change & Configuration Management

Managing instant change through configuration management. Users configuring their portals, systems, content and data.

Systems Maintenance & Support

Administering and maintaining systems. Supporting the user community - manuals, training and help desk integrated to your intranet.