Software Intensive Systems Development and Information Flow

Software powers the enterprise. It enables commercial organisations and modern economies. "Software" to the information revolution, is the equivalent of the "machine" to the industrial revolution. But software is not the core business for most enterprises. They are a means to information flow and information flow is what enables a business. "Offices" were the bridge between "factories" and today's "virtual work-places" and information is what flows between knowledge workers.

Today we architect and engineer enterprises in a global marketplace with software. The reality is that many people spend most of their daily life in front of a computer. We have minds "living" inside software, creating "virtual communities" and doing business. Software is pervasive.

What type of software do we build and develop?

Leading Sector Solutions

We've been priveleged to build industry solutions that have created great value in their respective business sectors, including:

  • A Decision Support System in the Financial Services and Investment Industry
  • A Retail Information System in the Petroleum Industry
  • A Managed Care and Benefit Management System in the Healthcare industry


We build Intranets, Extranets and Internets that have dynamic repository based components.

Management Systems

We build a broad range of sub systems linked to dynamic repositories to establish Information Systems Management, Business and Project Management Reporting, Systems Configuration, Data Maintenance, etc.

Content Management

We empower user communities to publish content and resources such as documents, presentations, etc.

Business Systems Integration

We buy business systems and then customise and integrated business applications. We integrate services, transaction management systems, databases and front-ends seamlessly and provide end-user computing through rich user interfaces.

Software Libraries

We build software object libraries, data, glossary, rules and other re-usable business elements for rapid implementation without compromising architectural integrity.